Welcome to the Coded_Matter Lab

Coded_Matter is a multidisciplinary design and research lab. We are a team of industrial designers, textile experts, computer scientists, architects, and engineers.  The lab is a hub for groundbreaking research in the field of Computational Fabrication. We explore the correlation between computational design and digital manufacturing in the context of personalization and customization of products, focusing on textiles and close-to-the-body products.

Our goal is to invent new digital manufacturing technologies and establish new design workflows that will unlock design spaces and enable a future of customized products made on-demand and manufactured domestically.

Digital fabrication equipment at the lab includes:

    • STOLL ADF 530 Ki Bc W – Industrial digital knitting machine
    • TC2 digital weaving machine
    • Intamsys 510 Flex – industrial 3D printer designed for flexible materials
    • UR5e – Collaborative robotic arm

Coded_Matter is directed by Yoav Sterman. The lab is part of the DesignTech initiative, the industrial design program at the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion.